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There were also 20 arrests for alcohol offences, four violent disorder arrests and 10 arrests for pitch incursions.
There were 57 arrests of Newcastle fans and 56 arrests of Leicester City fans.
In 1981, the Worcester Police logbook recorded all arrests with the date, the time, the address, the name, the charge, and the arresting officer.
arrests from Ramallah and Al-Bireh, 67 arrests from Jenin, 31 arrests from
A retrospective review of all patients who suffer a cardiac arrest on the medical floor must be conducted by all health care institutions to make sure the admission criteria are still relevant.
Unfortunately, it is during the restraining and transporting process that some subjects suddenly experience respiratory arrest resulting in death.
The tension reached a boiling point during the summer, when many of the arrests were made.
Iraqi staff working for Reuters have also suffered similar arrests and have been held in Abu Ghraib, as well.
42) He resisted arrest for this offence, and was also bound for "assaulting, striking, kicking and very much abuseing" the constable and his assistants.
3 million arrests of persons under the age of 18, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.
The Catholic Church has voiced its concern at the arrest of the priest.
The Patriot Act has made Palestinian activists more vulnerable to arrest in two important ways: by re-defining a "terrorist organization" as any group with two or more people who have used or threatened to use violence to achieve a political goal, and by giving the attorney general the right to order the detention of any immigrant associated with one of these groups.