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n the pattern into which a group of things is organized.
arrangement, financial,
n an agreement between the dental provider and patient on the method of handling the patient's account.
arrangement, tooth,
n the placement of teeth on a denture or temporary base with definite objectives in mind.

Patient discussion about arrangement

Q. I am interested in fitness,which is neatly arranged at my home. I am interested in fitness so I invested in fitness equipment which is neatly arranged at my home. Most of the time my equipment looks so good that I love it. But unfortunately I tire very quickly and I sweat a lot. My fitness instructor is doing his best for me with his experience but this doesn’t help. I consulted with my family doctor who said that I have to concentrate on my diet. I have tried many diets but in vain. Now I am planning to shift to food supplements. Do you know which food supplement works best?

A. there's nothing wrong with food supplements, but you can avoid taking and buying them if you'll follow some instructions about nutrition during exercise:

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the phrase 'reimbursement or other expense allowance arrangement' means an arrangement that meets the requirements of paragraphs (d) (business connection), (e) (substantiation), and (f) (returning amounts in excess of expenses) of this section.
Although Held uses a small seedless watermelon, halved lengthwise in the fruit salad-floral arrangement, he suggests using a large, full-size watermelon if you're planning to serve a large crowd.
In co-development CLAs, no realization event occurs upon entry into the arrangement because one cannot ascertain whether a commercially exploitable product will result, thereby making the amount of any income indeterminable with reasonable accuracy.
There is no independent verification of cost savings, quality of care indicators, or other essential aspects of the arrangement.
Assets set aside (directly or indirectly) in a trust or similar arrangement to pay NQDC are treated as property transferred in connection with the performance of services under section 83 at the time they are set aside if the assets (or the trust holding them) are located outside the United States or are later transferred outside the United States.
The sphere-packing problem, by contrast, asks what arrangement of spheres can fit most densely into all of space.
Also, an arrangement entered into on or before the final regulations are published that is subsequently materially modified is treated as a new arrangement entered into on the modification date.
Specifically, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) said that the determinative factor in evaluating such arrangements is whether the arrangement makes sense standing on its own without any other referrals between the parties.
Under such an arrangement, a New York broker is permitted to perform brokerage services in a foreign state even without a license.
This shared services arrangement is implemented under a shared services contract setting forth the services, personnel, and equipment to be provided by the hospital to the subacute provider and fees charged.
Comprehensive discussion of the information that clients will need to bring to the table to best utilize alternative fee arrangements, the challenges of maintaining budget certainty in the face of sudden changes in the scope of the litigation, and risk management and project management as essential tools for a successful alternative fee arrangement
Although the risk of abuse of a severance provision is obviously much more significant in the case of a voluntary termination, Treasury's view is that Congress intended to cover both voluntary and involuntary terminations, because either type could reasonably be part of a predetermined arrangement for deferral of compensation.