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n the pattern into which a group of things is organized.
arrangement, financial,
n an agreement between the dental provider and patient on the method of handling the patient's account.
arrangement, tooth,
n the placement of teeth on a denture or temporary base with definite objectives in mind.

Patient discussion about arrangement

Q. I am interested in fitness,which is neatly arranged at my home. I am interested in fitness so I invested in fitness equipment which is neatly arranged at my home. Most of the time my equipment looks so good that I love it. But unfortunately I tire very quickly and I sweat a lot. My fitness instructor is doing his best for me with his experience but this doesn’t help. I consulted with my family doctor who said that I have to concentrate on my diet. I have tried many diets but in vain. Now I am planning to shift to food supplements. Do you know which food supplement works best?

A. there's nothing wrong with food supplements, but you can avoid taking and buying them if you'll follow some instructions about nutrition during exercise:

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Arrange flowers in a tight, low arrangement as desired in watermelon half.
For another easy-do centerpiece, arrange assorted colored flowers in a low, tight design, placing the stems directly in the flesh of a small watermelon half.
To arrange a Disneyland wedding, call (714) 956-6527.
com to purchase radiators and other cooling system parts for any car make or model, and the skilled support staff at 1-800-Radiator can arrange for installation of the radiator by one of its 25,000 repair shop customers anywhere in the country.
Riley further stated IMR will arrange with a major product distribution organization to take on representation to its major retail and wholesale outlets of the Ultimate Bidet Personal Hygiene System.
Among its groundbreaking new product features is Arrange, a function that enables the use of artificial intelligence to arrange and orchestrate music automatically.