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, arrak (a-rak'),
A strong alcoholic liquor distilled from dates, rice, sap of the coconut palm, and other agricultural products.
[Ar. sweet juice]
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6) From the Arabic word meaning "sweat," arrack is a strong, fiery liquor distilled from the fermented sap of coconut palms, molasses, rice, or other materials.
The secret ingredient of arrack is urea which is quite easy to obtain as it is the main component of fertilizer.
They find Ananda, who gave up art to work in a gem mine after terrorists killed his wife; day after day, his work done, he drinks arrack until he collapses.
The percentage of respondents who reported having had a heart arrack ranged from 2.
The bees did nor arrack, allowing me to steal a big piece of honeycomb.
In the evening, the hare had come with a bottle of arrack, or palm wine, brewed by his wife.
In reality, original punch beverages contained arrack, a sugarcane-rice liquor.
Tip: Arrack or Cointreau can be used instead of the cognac.
44) When Robbert Bruijn and Joris van Coulster charged 2525 3/4 v/g to a ship's account for meals for the chiefs and their guests over a period of just one month and twenty days, it was considered to be beyond all reason, particularly since that exorbitant sum did not include the 120 v/g worth of arrack that had been taken ashore.
The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried and can be made into a syrup and an alcoholic drink called arrack.
It therefore became very desirable to keep on hand a supply of articles, such as knives, pieces of cloth, arrack, or sago cakes, to multiply the chance that one or other article would suit the itinerant merchant.
41) The reference is to the arrack made from the coconut palm.