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The radical of an aromatic acid (for example, benzoyl); analogous to acyl, the more general term.
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The IR spectra of the Schiff base ligands (1a-3a) exhibit a strong band in the range 3026-3180 [cm.sup.-1]and 1672-1679 [cm.sup.-1] due to vNH and vC=O groups respectively, which disappears in the corresponding complexes suggesting the enolization of the -C=O of the aroyl keto group giving rise to the -C=N-N=C moiety [15 ] and consequent deprotonation upon coordination.
The absence of these signals in the spectra of the complexes indicate coordination through the phenolic oxygen and enolization of the -C=O of the aroyl keto group and consequent deprotonation.
We used PdC[1.sub.2][(P[h.sub.3]P).sub.2] with [K.sub.2]C[O.sub.3], as a new catalyst system, for the synthesis of fluoro-substituted ketones from potassium aryltrifluroborates and aroyl chlorides.
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Key words: Vanadium complexes, Bacillus pasteurii, Canavalia ensiformis (Jack bean), Urease inhibition, Enzyme kinetics, Aroyl hydrazine
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