arousal reaction

a·rous·al re·ac·tion

change in pattern of the brain waves when the subject is suddenly awakened and becomes alert.
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For example, advertisements that, be it unconsciously, evoke a pleasure or arousal reaction, will receive more attention.
This may not be very surprising, given the fact that the studies cited here mainly focused on immediate reactions to advertisements that typically involve lower-order pleasure and arousal reactions as outlined in the dimensional approach.
This enables researchers to visually match lower-order pleasure and arousal reactions to specific higher-order emotions.
Pleasure reactions had more impact on Aad than arousal reactions (Olney, Holbrook, and Batra, 1991; Pieters and de Klerk-Warmerdam, 1996).
measuring one-shot pleasure and arousal reactions after viewing a print advertisement) or they measure one single emotion in a continuous manner (e.
Earlier research had indicated that nicotine dampens the arousal reaction.
Nicotine significantly blunted the arousal reaction in the normal mice, the scientists report in an upcoming issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.