arousal function

a·rous·al func·tion

the ability of a sensory event to arouse the cortex to vigilance or readiness.
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16) Orgasm and arousal functions may be associated with PFM strength, with a positive association between pelvic floor strength and sexual activity and function.
After successful performance on the arbitrary relations test, participants were then exposed to a differential conditioning procedure during which sexual arousal functions were established for the B1 stimulus only by pairing it with contiguous presentations of sexually explicit film clips and by pairing B2 with the absence of sexually explicit material.
While the processes demonstrated in this study may not easily map directly onto discrete examples of the acquisition of sexual arousal functions for arbitrary stimuli, the role of verbal process in human sexual behavior is not negated.
A transformation of respondently conditioned sexual arousal functions in accordance with arbitrary relations.
Derived transfer of self-reported arousal functions.
If stimulus functions can be transformed by virtue of their participation in derived relations or complex relational networks, our understanding of the emergence of sexual arousal functions for arbitrary stimuli is immediately expanded.
More specifically, where sexual arousal functions were established for B1, they emerged for C1 but not C2 (i.