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To convert a nonaromatic compound to an aromatic compound.
Synonym(s): aromatise.
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grandiflorum and many others are used in the manufacturing of perfumes and aromatizing (Abdoul-Latif et al., 2010).
has introduced Clorox Fraganzia, a line of aromatizing cleaning products designed to appeal to Hispanic consumers.
* Clorox is rolling out Clorox Fraganzia, a new line of aromatizing products designed to appeal to Hispanic scent preferences and to specifically' meet their needs based on the unique way they approach cleaning.
After each test session, the passive avoidance test apparatus was carefully cleaned and deodorized with a cleaning solution (ammonia 0.5%, ethanol 15%, extran 10%, isopropyl alcohol 5%, antiseptic with aromatizing 19%, and distillated water 50.5%).
The Italian company Inverni Della Beffa, a drug company that uses caffeine for drugs and cosmetics, similarly proposes extracts of Kola seeds, which contains caffeine used for their astringent, aromatizing and lipase-activating properties.