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To convert a nonaromatic compound to an aromatic compound.
Synonym(s): aromatise.
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This research was set out to establish that free testosterone level in women is a potent causation of mammary cell proliferation since testosterone is aromatized to estrogens.
This aromatized cereal medium was appropriate for growth of LGG because it provides all the required nutrients.
According to Godoy, Franco, Souza, Stevanato, and Visentainer (2013), aromatized tilapia fishmeal provided 1.78 mg of calcium, 2.36 mg of iron and 5.47 mg of phosphorus de in 100 g of fishmeal.
Ficus palmata is utilized as fuel wood and generally utilized for the successful treatment of numerous ailments, viz skin illnesses, ringworm, wound diseases and haemorrhoid [4, 5].The fig organic product (Ficus palmata) is extremely feeding sustenance and utilized as a part of mechanical item under different structures, ie crisp, dried and canned, loaded down with nuts, secured with chocolate or aromatized in diverse ways [6, 7].Ficus cordata Thunb (Moraceae) is a savana tree of around ten meters stature found in Senegal, Angola, South Africa and Cameroon [8].
One possible explanation for decreased testosterone in regimen group is that some of the hormone been aromatized to estradiol (E2) by sesame phytoestrogens and/or converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the aromatize and reductase enzymes (Shittu Lukeman et al., 2008).
You will be an Aromatized Authority' after reading this book.
The FTIR spectra of the peanut and wheat straw before and after pyrolysis were used to determine the vibrational frequency changes in the functional groups through the transformation from feedstock (raw chemical structure state) to biochar (carbon-enriched and aromatized structure state).
Sulphur dioxide — sulphites (E 220-228: Sulphur dioxide, Sodium sulphite, Sodium hydrogen sulphite, Sodium metabisulphite, Potassium metabisulphite, Calcium sulphite, Calcium hydrogen sulphite, Potassium hydrogen sulphite) are allowed to be used as preservative and antioxidant in aromatized wine-based products.
Abdominal obesity is associated with increased level of insulin, chronic hyperinsulinemia causes increased ovarian androgen production, increased LH secretion from pituitary and decreased sex hormone binding globulin production leading to increase in free circulating androgen, and this androgen becomes aromatized by fat cells to estrogen leading to chronic hyperestrogenic environment (12).
The Halssen & Lyon Tea Calendar, an advertising communication tool, is comprised of 365 sheets made of thinly pressed, aromatized tea that can be torn off day-by-day and brewed in a cup.
This indicated that the fully aromatized anthranoid dramatically reduced angiogenic inhibitory activity.
For example, fetal exposure to an aromatic cue (cineole) followed by ethanol intoxication results in increased postnatal grasping of a surrogate nipple aromatized with cineole (Abate et al., 2002).