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To convert a nonaromatic compound to an aromatic compound.
Synonym(s): aromatise.
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Abdominal obesity is associated with increased level of insulin, chronic hyperinsulinemia causes increased ovarian androgen production, increased LH secretion from pituitary and decreased sex hormone binding globulin production leading to increase in free circulating androgen, and this androgen becomes aromatized by fat cells to estrogen leading to chronic hyperestrogenic environment (12).
The Halssen & Lyon Tea Calendar, an advertising communication tool, is comprised of 365 sheets made of thinly pressed, aromatized tea that can be torn off day-by-day and brewed in a cup.
This indicated that the fully aromatized anthranoid dramatically reduced angiogenic inhibitory activity.
For example, fetal exposure to an aromatic cue (cineole) followed by ethanol intoxication results in increased postnatal grasping of a surrogate nipple aromatized with cineole (Abate et al.
The dipyrromethane is aromatized (chloranil or DDQ are commonly used) resulting in a dipyrromethene (or dipyrrin) that is ultimately converted to the BODIPY by complexation with a difluoroboryl unit in a base-catalyzed reaction with trifluoroboryl etherate (B[F.
The college of commissioners of the European Commission adopted Wednesday the new directive on tobacco production and proposed to the Council of Ministers of the EU and the European Parliament a set of measures to limit and ban a big portion of the aromatized tobacco production, MIA's Brussels-based correspondent reported.
Most circulating estradiol in men today is derived from aromatized testosterone; thus, testosterone deficiency begets estradiol deficiency.
Most of them are the aromatized degradation products from steroids and terpenoids with different biogenic origin, so they do not have significance in indicating the biogenic origin.
When aromatase is properly suppressed, estradiol levels are reduced to safe ranges, while free testosterone often increases, since less testosterone is being aromatized into estradiol.
But the origin of the aromatized wine dates back as far as 4.
It can be expected with the carbonaceous structures that the disordered, more hydrogenated structures will be more reactive than the ordered, more aromatized structures.