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Conversion of a nonaromatic compound to an aromatic compound.
Synonym(s): aromatisation.
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9) However, it seems reasonable that elevated levels may fuel excess aromatization to estradiol in addition to increasing 5a-DHT, both of which are proliferative to the prostate.
CARGO-EXPRESS Domodedovo has shipped equipment and oils for air aromatization to London in April.
Specifically, it is catalyzing the aromatization of androgens into estrogens.
14,15) The reasons remain conjectural, but range from the effect of estrogens (due to an age-related differential) in the aromatization of testosterone on the nuclear androgen receptor (AR) and the length of the CAG repeats to the lack of prostatic uptake of exogenous testosterone.
In some men, estradiol levels are measured in order to determine if testosterone therapy is causing an increase in estradiol due to aromatization of the testosterone.
The biosynthesis of estrogen is performed by the aromatase enzyme by the process of conversion or aromatization of androgens (C19) to estrogens (C18).
E2), by means of aromatization in the peripheral deposits of fat [37, 38].
2], possibly due to extragonadal aromatization in adipose tissue [23].
Its metabolite DHD (20-a-dihydrogesterone) has progestin like activity, no aromatization (i.
Most estrogen in men is produced through the aromatization (conversion) of testosterone to estrogen in the body.