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Conversion of a nonaromatic compound to an aromatic compound.
Synonym(s): aromatisation.
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The value of [L.sub.c] decreased with the prolonged heating time, while the aromatization index increased.
Aromatization of norethindrone to ethinyl estradiol by human placental microsomes.
2000), 200 [micro]L of culture medium underwent chloroform extraction to separate the substrate 1[beta]-[sup.3]H-androstenedione from tritiated water ([sup.3][H.sub.2]O), a product of the aromatization reaction.
(9) However, it seems reasonable that elevated levels may fuel excess aromatization to estradiol in addition to increasing 5a-DHT, both of which are proliferative to the prostate.
Consequently, the potential for adverse outcomes including aromatization and virilizing effects in women is minimised.
This phenomenon is likely associated with increased aromatization activity of adipose tissue, overexpression of proinflammatory cytokines, insulin resistance, and hyperactivation of insulin-like growth factor pathways [17].
Additionally, the content of aromatic hydrocarbons is subject to the following order: OS-Ni > OS-Co > OS-Zn > OS-Fe > OS, suggesting that the metal salts may catalyze the aromatization of aliphatic hydrocarbons and Co[Cl.sub.2] 6[H.sub.2]O and Ni[Cl.sub.2] 6[H.sub.2]O exhibit the highest catalytic activity.
Moscow, Russia, August 08, 2017 --( ACEX's customer is an aroma marketing company that is an expert in selection and development of aromas for businesses; it is also engaged in sales and service maintenance of professional equipment for aromatization of buildings.
Evaluating FSH in parallel to estrogen is important because increased FSH indicates endogenous estrogen production, as opposed to aromatization of testosterone when FSH is suppressed.
In a number of previous studies, the elevation in pubertal GH secretion has been attributed to concurrent elevations in sex steroid concentrations (Giustina et al., 1997; Rogol, 2010), particularly estrogen, which in the male is primarily derived from T via aromatization (Metzger and Kerrigan, 1994; Veldhuis et al., 1997).
As the citrate metabolism and the sugars by Leuconostoc involved in aromatization of fermented dairies.
[27] studied improving the tar yield on zeolite catalyst (Mo-HZSM-5) for integrating the aromatization of methane during coal pyrolysis and obtained yield of coal tar about 21.5% at the pyrolysis temperature of 700[degrees]C.