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The Body Therapy Spa collection includes Nehenehe Aromatic Bath Essence, pounds 1.
Sara Lee is getting moody in a bid to lather up extra sales for Radox with a new Aromatic Bath Essences range.
NK Apothecary store reveals how to make the most of everything, from enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face to a candle-lit aromatic bath after a stressful day.
A selection of aromatic bath oils or an electric self-massager could be the perfect answer, or if she spends a lot of time on her feet, how about a foot massager to relax her at the end of the day?
NOTHING beats a long soak in an aromatic bath or a therapeutic massage with the wonderful scent of essential oils.
Aromatic bath products are very popular in Europe, and we are trying to create that category in the United States.
YOU'VE ALWAYS KNOWN HOW COMFORTING A warm, aromatic bath is.
1 Lavender Foaming Bath An aromatic bath foam that leaves the skin supple and smelling delicate.