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(ă-rō′mă) [Gr. arōma, spice]
An agreeable odor.
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Q. Do you know the Aroma Therapy packs they sale over the mall? they say it's especially good for Arthritis, is it true ?

A. i'm a bit skeptic about "wonder treatments" you buy at the malls. i think that 99% of those things are there because desperate people will buy anything for a bit of peace of mind.

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That fine moral aroma would not have been thought much of by the public opinion of Kennel Yard, which was the very focus or heart of Bob's world, even if it could have made itself perceptible there; yet, for all that, he was not utterly a sneak and a thief as our friend Tom had hastily decided.
His twitching nostrils were drinking in a familiar aroma.
"Ou-rou-rou!" yelled the crowd, echoing the crash of the collapsing roof of the barn, the burning grain in which diffused a cakelike aroma all around.
The grain was waist-high on either side the wagon road, and he sniffed the warm aroma of it with delighted nostrils.
He warmed the teapot--almost too deftly--rejected the Orange Pekoe that the parlour-maid had provided, poured in five spoonfuls of a superior blend, filled up with really boiling water, and now called to the ladies to be quick or they would lose the aroma.
Memories of her hot, fluffy biscuits, baked chicken, apple pies and delicious coffee, carried trailing aromas that set his nostrils twitching.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 12, 2019-: Aroma Chemicals 2019 Global Market to Reach US$ 6.45 and Growing at CAGR of 6.5% by 2026
Vancouver, Canada, April 02, 2019 --( Today, luxury tea brand, TEALEAVES, released Language of Aroma: A Documentary on Communicating a Forgotten Sense, that asks the question: what if we could recognize, understand and communicate aroma?
They found that while bunch rot actually led to more positive aroma ratings due to the increased levels of fruity- and vanilla-like notes, powdery mildew decreased the level of pleasant notes in the wine, so that it received more negative ratings from the test panel, who found the infected wine to be less interesting than the healthy sample.
Austria-based coffee roaster Julius Meinl has acquired UK-based coffee distributor Aroma and Gusto, located in the Midlands, to expand UK operations, the company said.
Science and Technology of Aroma, Flavor, and Fragrance in Rice