arm bone

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, gen. and pl.


(hyū'mĕr-ŭs, -ī), [TA]
The bone of the arm, articulating with the scapula above and the radius and ulna below.
Synonym(s): arm bone
[L. shoulder]
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Along with the right upper arm bone and shoulder blade, damage consistent with hitting the ground after a long fall appeared in bones from an ankle, legs, pelvis, lower back, ribs, jaw and braincase, the researchers say.
Alice Ord, 95, suffered a compound fracture of her upper arm bone after <Bfalling over on Northumberland Street in Newcastle
He noted the operation took two hours, during which his team removed the head of the arm bone, which is the circular part of the joint.
When the chest moves, we have to remember that "the chest bone is connected to the shoulder bone, and the shoulder bone is connected to the arm bone," as it were.
Two tenders for the supply, for research purpose, of (a) soft lenses to treat short sight via transplanting at the front part of the eye also (b) interlacing slides and machines to fix cracks of the upper arm bone.
While researchers are still trying to figure out how a clump of cells becomes a wing or flipper or arm, the order of events has been established: The upper arm bone forms first, then the forearm, then the wrist bones, and finally fingers or toes.
The fracture is actually at the top of the arm bone and often can be treated satisfactorily by management in a sling.
He was diagnosed with various laceration, contusions, soft tissue trauma, and a fracture of his upper right arm bone. A CT scan on the day of his admission also revealed a possible fracture at the T-1 level of his spine.
In a sense, the four involved muscles form a cup-like configuration over the head of the humerus (upper arm bone).
(4) humerus: (HYOOM-er-us) The humerus is a funny name for your upper arm bone
The rotator cuff refers to four muscles that hold the arm bone (humerus) to the shoulder.