arithmetic mean

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a·rith·me·tic mean

the mean calculated by adding a set of values and then dividing the sum by the number of values.
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noun The sum of the values of all observations or data points divided by the number of observations; an arithmetical average; the central tendency of a collection of numbers, which is a sum of the numbers divided by the amount of numbers the collection.

• Population mean (µ).
• Sample mean (x-bar).
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adjective Stingy; miserly; unwilling to share.

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adjective Unkind, spiteful.
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arith·me·tic mean

(ar'ith-met'ik mēn)
The mean calculated by adding a set of values and then dividing the sum by the number of values.
Synonym(s): average (2) .
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Fig. 47 Arithmetic mean . In this example, the mean (x) of 4 values of x is 11.

arithmetic mean



a number (symbol: x) that is computed by calculating the sum of a set of numbers (Σx ) and dividing the sum by the number of terms (n ).
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The two sets of weight results obtained from the operation results of M-GSO algorithm and the arithmetic mean are considered as feasible solutions of weights for the elements [u.sub.1], [u.sub.2], [u.sub.3], thereby obtaining the weight range of elements [u.sub.1], [u.sub.2], [u.sub.3], with the weight intervals as [w.sub.1] = [0.592, 0.677], = [0.151, 0.169], w3 = [0.154, 0.256], thus obtaining the importance sequence of [u.sub.1] > [u.sub.3] > [u.sub.2].
To determine if there is a significant difference between arithmetic means ANOVA was used and the results are presented in Table 10.
[H.sub.1]: We suppose that arithmetic mean of perceiving the importance of personal presentation on social networks from the point of view of job search by male (nowadays and in the future) is not equal to arithmetic mean of perceiving of the importance of personal presentation on social networks from the point of view of female and also we assume that the difference between them, if it exists, is not caused only by coincident variation of selection results.
The stark differences between the federal and private-sector wage distributions indicate that following the standard approach of estimating a log-linearized wage model would lead to an inaccurate comparison of the arithmetic mean of wages between the sectors.
Therefore this mean is preferred to arithmetic mean in order to reduce the effects of outliers.
As opposed to the arithmetic mean, there are other more appropriate measures of central tendency to describe data when dealing with asymmetrical distributions and/or with outlier values.
for the geometric, logarithmic and arithmetic means of positive numbers x, y respectively.
as simple arithmetic mean of mobile averages, if the intervals between the moments are equal:
Plasma BNP level in control and AMI group BNP (pg/ml) Control group n=61 AMI group N=75 X 35.356 462.875 SD 23.353 405.878 SEM 2.990 47.182 Median 35.710 341.320 Interval 0-94.22 93.23-2249.68 Mann-Whitney Rank p < 0.001 Sum Test (N - number of the individuals, X - arithmetic mean; SD - standard deviation; SEM - standard error of the mean, p - level of significance) TABLE 4.
While Phillips presents a strong case for the geometric mean, the harmonic mean--the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of two reciprocals (in equation form below)--may be more accurate in particular economic situations.