The aminoacyl radical of arginine.
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Nikolova first gave 40 men, aged 25 to 45, a dipeptide arginyl aspartate solution called Sargenor three times per day (equivalent to 1.
After treatment with arginyl aspartate (which provided the equivalent of 1.
The ND3/ND4 region begins in the glycyl tRNA gene and spans the NADH-dehydrogenase subunit-3, arginyl tRNA, NADH-dehydrogenase subunit-4L, and NADH-dehydrogenase subunit-4 genes, ending in the histidyl tRNA gene.
Furthermore, we found that trypsin treatment of plasma efficiently cleaves the endogenous N-terminal proBNP forms after the arginyl residue in position 21 (Fig.
Purification and characterization of two soluble Cl-activated arginyl aminopeptidases from human brain and their endopeptidase action on neuropeptides.