argentaffin cells

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ar·gen·taf·fin cells

cells that contain granules that precipitate silver from an ammoniac silver nitrate solution.
See also: enteroendocrine cells, apud.
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The staining techniques utilized aimed to identify and quantify argyrophillic cells (Grimelius), argentaffin cells (modified Masson-Fontana) and insulin immunoreactive (IR) cells (direct immunoperoxidase).
The duodenum of the opossums in class 1 presented an average of 80.08 endocrine cells per [mm.sup.2], of which 76.52% were argyrophillic cells, 22.83% argentaffin cells and 0.65% insulin IR cells.
(2) Intermediate and poorly differentiated tumors may contain heterologous elements (cell types foreign to the developing gonad, such as mucus-filled epithelial cells, argentaffin cells, cartilage, and skeletal muscle).