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betel nut

The nut-like seed of the Areca palm (Areca catechu), typically wrapped in betel leaves and with added flavouring, including lime, clove, cardamom, and catechu, which is chewed from India to New Guinea for its mild stimulant effect.
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Chewing areca nut, betel quid, oral snuff, cigarette smoking and the risk of oesophageal squamous-cell carcinoma in South Asians: a multicentre case- control study.
Brosnan first appeared in the adverts on TV channels, newspapers and billboards in 2016 for Pan Bahar, a mixture of spices and areca nut -- a known carcinogen linked to oral cancer.
of times used to search the title "Piper Betle" 1 Cancer 198 2 Squamous-Cell Carcinoma 192 3 Betel Quid 168 4 Areca Nut 143 5 Taiwan 131 6 Risk 127 7 Expression 119 8 Head 108 9 Prevalence 107 10 Smoking 105 11 Cancer 198 Table--10 Highly Productivity Authors S.No Authors No.
Jayasekera, while there are 28 carcinogens in tobacco leaves, areca nuts contain 4 cancer causing toxics.
The mutagenic effect of tobacco, alcohol, betel quid or areca nut depends on dose, frequency and usage, and the effect is amplified upon using two or more of these agents concurrently.
(14) However, as Ibn Battuta's encounters with betel and areca nut indicate, not all food plants moved as part of grand human migrations or civilisational expansions or were transferred with the full corpus of cultural information, tradition or symbolism associated with their places of origin.
Educating the masses about the risk of developing OSMF due to consumption of tobacco, areca nuts and its related products.
Another probable mechanism may be the denaturation of pellicle proteins by the tannins and tannic acid present in areca nut. Areca nut is rich in copper and the combination of tannins and copper produce a black-brown precipitate (4).
" At no cost will they break an oath taken with betel leaves and areca nut. If they are not voting for us, they will not take it.
Areca nuts contain alkaloids that induce euphoria and raise a person's heart rate and skin temperature.