areca nut

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betel nut

The nut-like seed of the Areca palm (Areca catechu), typically wrapped in betel leaves and with added flavouring, including lime, clove, cardamom, and catechu, which is chewed from India to New Guinea for its mild stimulant effect.

areca nut (·rēˑ·k nutˑ),

n Latin Name:
Areca catechu; part used: seed; uses: astringent, teeth-cleaning, anthelmintic, pupil contraction, salivary gland and bowel movement stimulation; precautions: can cause intoxication, oral cancers, bronchoconstriction, not to be used with anticholinergic agents. Also called
betel nut and

areca nut

the fruit of the betel nut tree (Areca catechu). Originally used as a cathartic and vermifuge. Its principal ingredient is arecoline.
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When we reached the palace and news of my arrival was sent in', he writes, 'a eunuch came out with a plate containing betel leaves and areca nuts.
Areca nut extract has further been shown to inhibit cyclooxygenase-2 protein expression (Huang et al.
The use of tobacco with lime, betel quid with tobacco, betel quid without tobacco, and areca nut has been classified as carcinogenic to humans.
Shed leaf sheaths of areca nut palm as a major breeding source of Ae.
CRISIL believes that TUMCOS will continue to benefit from its established procurement base in the areca nut business.
Both betel quid and areca nut have been associated with increased risk for oral epithelial malignancy (IARC 2004b; Lee et al.
Larval survey was conducted in all types of peri-domestic and domestic water stored facilities like rodent-devoured coconuts and coconut shells, areca nut soaking mud and plastic pots, discarded containers, grinding stones, cement tanks, cement cistern, metal containers, and plastic containers.
The leaves of the fast-growing vine are widely chewed with tobacco, cloves or with the hard areca nut in a popular mixture known as paan, which promotes a reddish saliva.
Though largely consisting of the ingredient areca nut (the seed of the Areca catechu palm), the common additive betel leaf (from the Piper betle plant) has led to the mixture's current labeling.
And, areca nut does cause oral cancer; the risk being akin to, if not worse, than that linked to smokeless tobacco.
It is a flavoured and sweetened dry mixture of areca nut, catechu, slaked lime, cardamom, menthol, fennel seeds and tobacco (Gupta et al 1992); Nigam et al 2001).
For India to say areca nut are not sensitive products would mean destroying the livelihood of thousands of farmers cultivating areca nut from cheaper imports.