areca nut

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betel nut

The nut-like seed of the Areca palm (Areca catechu), typically wrapped in betel leaves and with added flavouring, including lime, clove, cardamom, and catechu, which is chewed from India to New Guinea for its mild stimulant effect.

areca nut (·rēˑ·k nutˑ),

n Latin Name:
Areca catechu; part used: seed; uses: astringent, teeth-cleaning, anthelmintic, pupil contraction, salivary gland and bowel movement stimulation; precautions: can cause intoxication, oral cancers, bronchoconstriction, not to be used with anticholinergic agents. Also called
betel nut and

areca nut

the fruit of the betel nut tree (Areca catechu). Originally used as a cathartic and vermifuge. Its principal ingredient is arecoline.
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Tooth abrasion and pigmentation are produced by chewing the betel or areca nuts over a long period.
albopictus was found predominantly breeding in rodent-devoured coconuts and shells of coconuts, areca nut soaking mud and plastic pots, discarded containers, grinding stones, cement tanks, cement cistern, metal containers, and plastic containers.
For example, it is now well-known that areca nut use greatly increases the risk of oral submucous fibrosis (OSF), a precancerous condition which is characterized by lesions in the mouth and a hardening of the mucosal lining (Trivedy, Craig & Warnakulasuriya 2002).
Several kinsmen then hurriedly covered the wound with the baked and powdered husk of the areca nut (areca catechu.
Dr Kashif mentioned that previously conducted researches in other countries has also shown that areca nut chewing increases the chances of death consequent to cardiac ailments.
For example, they are handing over the money with betel leaves with areca nuts to ensure that the person who has received them will vote for him/ her.
The little hamlet is a thriving market place and its warren of cobbled alleys and little homesteads are set amidst lush coconut and areca nut groves.
He said a clamp down on the epidemic levels of tobacco and areca nut, use of the same products could be reduced to 43.
Tobacco has been chewed for centuries in India, most commonly as "paan" -- betel leaf with tobacco powder, areca nut, slaked lime and catechu (Acacia tree extract) -- or "paan masala", a flavoured variety with or without tobacco.
Located mostly around Ponda, these farms use organic modes of cultivation and grow vanilla, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, chillies, nutmeg, turmeric, areca nut, betel, ginger, cashew, coconuts, fruits and medicinal plants.
Initially betel leaves and pieces of areca nut were the major ingredients of this quid and tobacco was added subsequently.