, areata (ā-rē-ā'tŭs, -tă),
Occurring in patches or circumscribed areas.


occurring in patches or circumscribed areas, such as hair loss in alopecia areata.


, areatus (ar″ē-āt′ă) (ar″ē-āt′ŭs) [ area]
Occurring in circumscribed areas or patches.

Patient discussion about areata

Q. I would like to get more information about Alopesia Areata(hair losing,bald spots all over my head) Well the Alopesia Areata couses the hair falling in big spots all over the head,you start losing your hair in a diferent way than what it ussually is,the doctor told me there is treatment for it but it does not really works,he said that the only thing i can do is just wait between 6 and 18 months, and after all that time my hair should be growing back;but its so traumatic, tha i cant wait that long, i am only 25 years old , i have a life to live ,please help me,i know is not that bad but i cant help it, if anybody knows about some cure ,that really works , please let me know ,thanks.

A. Alopecia Areata is considered lately as an auto immune disease , that means your body is attacking your hair. this considered beyond treatment. but there are several ways of handling it- local anti immunic treatment and so forth, here is a good site about it:

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Licensed-in immunomodulator Samcyprone is initially being developed for warts, alopecia areata and melanoma.
Both are being tested in clinical trials for the treatment of plaque psoriasis and alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.
Alopecia areata which occurs when your body's immune system attacks hair follicles.
Hair loss can also be due to alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition in which hair also usually grows back.
She developed alopecia areata (which causes patchy baldness) at school and has been living with hair-loss ever since.
Joanna developed alopecia areata (which causes patchy baldness) during her schooldays and, following brief stints of re-growth, has been living with hair-loss ever since.
Other skin diseases such as Alopecia Areata could take long as well," he said.
com)-- September is National Alopecia Areata Awareness Month
What you're describing (if you haven't been super-gluing on false eyelashes or using hard-to-remove mascara) could be an autoimmune condition of the hair follicles called alopecia areata.
We still need to do more testing to establish that ruxolitinib should be used in alopecia areata, but this is exciting news for patients and their physicians," Clynes said.
New They reported that a drug, originally developed to treat bone marrow cancer, had caused three patients who have alopecia areata to regrow a full head of hair within five months.
gov, which lists more than 500 studies of botulinum toxin, the drug is under investigation for a wide variety of medical conditions, including chronic migraine (already Food and Drug Administration approved), alopecia areata, cervical dystonia, ankle osteoarthritis, posterior hip cheek enlargement, keratoconus, psoriasis, vaginismus, restless legs syndrome, tennis elbow, vulvodynia, bruxism, hyperactive esophagus, and depression.