area of occupation

ar·e·a of oc·cu·pa·tion

(ār'ē-ă ok-yū-pā'shŭn)
Various kinds of activities of life in which people take part (e.g., activities of daily living, education, work, play, leisure, and social participation).
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Sexuality is an area of occupation that clearly falls in the occupational therapist's scope of practice and, as such, we must establish authority and advocate to be included in the treatment team regarding matters of client engagement and/or reengagement in sexual practices.
We say that the will is to triumph over the barbarism of the Israeli enemy, who has tried for five days to increase the area of occupation of the Shebaa Farms through scrapping activities," he said.
This area of occupation was decided by the European Advisory Council who were responsible for the defining of the zones of occupation.
Gezi Park is not an area of occupation," Erdoy-an said in reference to the demonstrators.
The inscriptions "Germany" or "Japan" signify in what area of occupation recipient served.
In choosing Land Hesse, the study offers a useful point of comparison from an area of occupation that remained more open to American education reform ideas than most other parts of the occupation zone.
Statistics are arranged by general area of occupation, and then by specific job (800 of them), with each job treated in tables on median wages for states and for the largest metropolitan areas, factors that may affect earnings (amount of education), flexibility of earnings, gender, union membership, and veteran status.
Our military commanders insist that the British area of occupation in the South is relatively trouble-free.
There is some evidence in the area of occupation by the Romans and later the Normans when the Conqueror awarded the lands to a Roger Culculle.
In the area of occupation safety and health compliance, for example, Greco says typically it is the worksite employer, the one who controls the day-to-day activities of the worker, who is responsible for worksite safety.

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