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Abstract: The study investigates the impact of silicone and Parylene conformal coatings, epoxy underfill materials and a silicone sealant on a variety of area array packages while being subjected to thermal cycling.
Forward compatibility (ability to solder the components using lead-free solders and the appropriate higher temperature profiles) and backward compatibility (ability to solder the components using existing tin-lead solder and profiles), with the exception of area array packages with lead-free balls, which may not be backward compatible.
Uniform heat distribution and transfer across the entire surface of the area array package and its land pattern on the PCB are critical.
Increased use of area array packages, chip scale packages and flip chips demands it.
Abstract: Backward compatible mixed-alloy soldering has been carried out on area array packages with Pb-free bumps and eutectic SnPb soldering paste.
This is an issue for portable devices employing area array packages such as BGAs and CSPs.
Abstract: Corner bond adhesive material has been widely used for improving shock performance of area array packages.
This is sufficiently accurate to detect fine-pitch components and all common area array packages.
Abstract: Celestica has been conducting an ongoing testing program to assess Pb-free compatible materials and area array packages against the currently accepted levels of process strain.
However, when building assemblies with area array packages containing SnAgCu balls with SnPb solder paste, using a typical SnPb solder profile will result in an unacceptable solder joint.

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