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The second and third synapomorphies listed above (130: 0 [right arrow] 1, levator arcus palatini markedly lateral to all bundles of adductor mandibulae; 140: 0 [right arrow] 1, insertion of a significant part of adductor arcus palatini on lateral surface of suspensorium) concern muscular features that were not proposed as potential gymnotiform synapomorphies in previous works.
Levator arcus palatini. [0] Not markedly lateral to all bundles of adductor mandibulae (e.g.
However, in the Galaxias specimens examined by us some fibers of the A2 lie mesial to the levator arcus palatini but ventrally these fibers meet, and deeply blend with, the remaining fibers of the A2.
Adductor arcus palatini and autopalatine and/or dermopalatine.
Adductor arcus palatini. [0] Part of adductor arcus palatini and/or of muscle differentiated from it not deeply blended with ligaments connecting the anterior region of the suspensorium and the ethmoid region.
There is a well-developed, prominent, elongated dorsal crest formed by the dorso-lateral surfaces of both the ento-ectopterygoid and the hyomandibulo-metapterygoid (Fig 3: dc) in which inserts the muscle levator arcus palatini.
Musculus levator arcus palatini. The levator arcus palatini (Fig.
Musculus adductor arcus palatini. Well-developed muscle (Figs.