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 [ahr´kus] (pl. ar´cus) (L.)
arch; bow.
arcus adipo´sus arcus corneae.
arcus cor´neae (arcus cornea´lis) a white or gray opaque ring in the corneal margin; it may be present at birth or appear in childhood (see arcus juvenilis), but the condition is particularly common in those over 50 years old (see arcus senilis). It results from cholesterol deposits in or hyaline degeneration of the corneal stroma and may be associated with ocular defects or with familial hyperlipidemia.
arcus juveni´lis arcus corneae in young persons.
arcus seni´lis arcus corneae in the elderly. (See Atlas 4, Part E).
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(arch), [TA]
Any structure resembling a bent bow or an arc. In anatomy, any vaulted or archlike structure. See: arcus.
Synonym(s): arcus [TA]
[thru O. Fr. fr. L. arcus, bow]
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(ahrch) [TA]
anatomy Any vaulted or archlike structure or arc.
Synonym(s): arcus [TA] .
[thru O. Fr. fr. L. arcus, bow]
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(ar'kus) plural.arcus [L. arcus, a bow]
In anatomy, an arch. See: arch

arcus alveolaris mandibulae

The arch formed by the alveolar process of the body of the mandible.

arcus alveolaris maxillae

Limbus alveolaris.

arcus dentalis

Dental arch.

arcus juvenilis

An opaque ring about the periphery of the cornea similar to arcus senilis but occurring in the young. It may be due to hypercholesterolemia, corneal irritation or inflammation, or a congenital anomaly.
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arcus senilis

An opaque white ring about the periphery of the cornea, seen in the aged. It is caused by the deposit of fat granules in the cornea or by hyaline degeneration.
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(ahrch) [TA]
Any structure resembling a bent bow or an arc. In anatomy, any vaulted or archlike structure.
Compare: dental arch
Synonym(s): arcus [TA] .
[thru O. Fr. fr. L. arcus, bow]
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For this analysis, the researchers included 12,745 people for whom complete information on all relevant variables, including xanthelasmata and arcus corneae, were available at baseline.
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