arcuate uterus

ar·cu·ate u·ter·us

a uterus with a depression at the fundus; an incomplete uterus bicornis.
Synonym(s): uterus arcuatus
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Cervical incompetency usually accompanies uterine anomalies except arcuate uterus (11); therefore, misoprostol is likely to be applicable to dilate the cervix in arcuate uterus cases as well.
In the women randomized to routine hysteroscopy, 11% showed a significant abnormality on examination, including 15 women with an arcuate uterus, 11 women with endometrial polyps, and five women with a partial septum, as well as women with a few other less common abnormalities.
Among 5 patients with arcuate uterus, cervical cerclage was done in 2 of them, one resulting in term delivery (50%) and the other in preterm delivery (50%).
It seems that cervical cerclage is an effective procedure in bicornuate uterus for the prevention of preterm delivery, but it has no effect on the outcome of pregnancy in arcuate uterus, although it is helpful in unicornuate uterus.
These included congenital uterine abnormalities such as partial or complete uterine septum or arcuate uterus, as well as acquired uterine abnormalities, such as intrauterine adhesions, myomas, or polyps (Eur.
Class VI includes an arcuate uterus and class VII is diethylstilbestrol-related anomaly (3, 4).
Arcuate uterus is often considered a normal variant and not a congenital uterine anomaly.
One patient in whom ablation failed was found to have an arcuate uterus and subsequently underwent hysterectomy.
The 3-D ultrasound findings agreed with those on hysterosalpingogram, identifying nine cases of arcuate uterus and three cases of major congenital anomalies.