arcuate uterus

ar·cu·ate u·ter·us

a uterus with a depression at the fundus; an incomplete uterus bicornis.
Synonym(s): uterus arcuatus
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The three diagnoses with the highest operability among uterine malformation patients were septate uterus, rudimentary horn of the uterus, and arcuate uterus.
In part 1 of this 2-part installment of our imaging series, we discussed the frequency with which uterine anomalies occur and their types and classifications, as well as offered an imaging library showing the normal endometrial cavity, arcuate uterus, incomplete (partial) uterine septum, and complete uterine septum.
In the women randomized to routine hysteroscopy, 11% showed a significant abnormality on examination, including 15 women with an arcuate uterus, 11 women with endometrial polyps, and five women with a partial septum, as well as women with a few other less common abnormalities.
Arcuate uterus is often considered a normal variant and not a congenital uterine anomaly.
Cervical incompetency usually accompanies uterine anomalies except arcuate uterus (11); therefore, misoprostol is likely to be applicable to dilate the cervix in arcuate uterus cases as well.
For the full offering of diagnostic images, including the ASRM classification of anomalies, normal endometrial cavity, arcuate uterus, incomplete (partial) uterine septum, and complete uterine septum, see the Web version of this article, at obgmanagement.
These included congenital uterine abnormalities such as partial or complete uterine septum or arcuate uterus, as well as acquired uterine abnormalities, such as intrauterine adhesions, myomas, or polyps (Eur.
VI Arcuate uterus A small septate indentation is present at the fundus.
Class VI includes an arcuate uterus and class VII is diethylstilbestrol-related anomaly (3, 4).
One patient in whom ablation failed was found to have an arcuate uterus and subsequently underwent hysterectomy.
13] The pregnancy in a functional hemi uterus has a better prognosis with regard to the fetal survival rate than pregnancy in bicornuate, septate or arcuate uterus.