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Etymology: Gk, architekton, master builder
the basic structure of a computer, including the memory, central processing unit, and input/output devices.


The form and manner in which a computer system and its components interact.

Vox populi
The shape or organisation of a structure or process.


n in medicine and dentistry, usually refers to the framework of a structure or system.
architecture, gingival,
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His architecturally significant library, designed by James Polshek, deserves a nearby pedestrian bridge designed by another world-class architect.
Diane has spent several years focusing on architecturally significant properties on the Los Angeles West Side and has truly immersed herself in modern architectural design.
We envision building an inviting, architecturally distinct campus never before seen in Hollywood," said Jerry Snyder, the founder and senior partner of J.
By architecturally integrating database, server and storage within a single appliance, the NPS system delivers 10 to 100 times the performance at half the cost of existing systems.
The 57,000-square-foot center's exhibits were designed by Edwin Schlossberg, and the site promises to be architecturally important and innovative.
This award showcases the fact that we have succeeded in designing an architecturally innovative community as well as meeting the needs of homeshoppers seeking an amenity-rich environment in which to live and raise a family.
The Sapir Organization, a New York-based, family-owned, billion-dollar conglomerate with real estate holdings in excess of seven million square feet of prime Manhattan commercial space, including the architecturally distinguished 11 Madison Avenue, the second largest real estate transaction in New York City in 2003.
Though not architecturally significant, the house originally belonged Geronimo Lopez, the patriarch of one of San Fernando's pioneering families, said John Brooks, an amateur historian and docent at the Lopez Adobe, the former Lopez family home and the oldest standing building in the city.
The architect, Jan van Zanten, helped transform it into a Vatican in the countryside, a vast if architecturally rather undistinguished barracks which proclaimed papal authority.
Haefele, lead designer and managing partner for the Showroom, says, "Our studio space is architecturally exciting with exposed ceiling beams at fifteen feet high and three walls of full height glass.
In keeping with its surroundings, the amphitheatre-style structure will be built entirely from glass and will be architecturally spectacular.
com, most of the stories are culled from the web and very often penned by architecturally innocent writers.

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