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, stylette (stī'let, stī-let'),
1. A flexible metallic rod inserted in the lumen of a flexible catheter to stiffen it and give it form during its passage.
2. A slender probe.
Synonym(s): style, stylus (3) , stilus
[It. stilletto, a dagger; dim. of L. stilus or stylus, a stake, a pen]
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the stalk of the PISTIL of a flower connecting the STIGMA to the ovary.
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Architectural Style: Spanish Colonial style; flooring is in smooth concrete finish
Its importance stems from its architectural style, which is similar to the minarets and the architectural decoration that adorn the tower's facades.
But API logic is the essence of the informational side of the equation, and following an architectural style like REST makes determining this logic a lot simpler.
Summary: Dh398m project will see mosques being built in a variety of architectural styles
Do a bit of research so you can complement your home's architectural style.
Foundation of Persian architectural style was retrieved from simple buildings which were in the West and North West territory of Iran, but a new phenomenon that occurred with the expansion of Persian rule was collaboration with various artists from different lands construction, architecture and other arts related to it.
"People began to use new architectural styles in construction.
A mix of three, four and five-bedroom properties, they are designed to fit in with the architectural style of the area, using traditional methods.
Paul''s cathedral in London is an example of which architectural style? 7.
The Courthouse, built in an architectural style that upholds the prestige and dignity of the seat of justice and facilitates smooth and easy administering of the law and adjudication, is a marvelous addition to the emirate's infrastructure.
Designed in Spanish architectural style, the Golf Homes offer high-end residential luxury and uninterrupted views of the golf course.
The MB-LED features a clean architectural style, high quality uniform illumination without pixilation, optimal glare control and the capability to accept up to two light control media.

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