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The arrangement of cells in a tissue; e.g., the arrangement of nerve cell bodies in the brain, especially the cerebral cortex.
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The arrangement of cells in a tissue; the term commonly refers to the arrangement of nerve-cell bodies in the brain, especially the cerebral cortex.
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In fleshing out his concept of sociogenic marronage, he discusses in detail the creative acts of naming, veve architectonics, and constitutionalism specified in his definition.
Bakhtinian architectonics bears kinship to what appears to be Golding's own authorial intent in The Spire.
(1990), "Introduction: The Architectonics of Answerability," in Art and Answerability, M.
Architectonics - a system of exploring architectural forms in spatial categories, International Journal of Architectural Research 3(2): 92-129.
Hepatocytes are arranged in groups of different sizes maintaining architectonics of cell plates as in a normal liver.
Such understanding of harmony is the source of the most important principles of Shakespeare's architectonics; it is based on polyphony, the contrasting interlacement of motives and characters, in one word, on everything that realized the musical principle of agreement in diversity.
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The perspective system left its mark on the mode of judgment, of visual communication and on later artistic and philosophical thinking; not the artistic perspective in itself, but everything it drew after it, namely the rigor, "the picturing of the material world as a veil or as a copy of the intelligible world," as John Hendrix said in Platonic Architectonics: Platonic Philosophies and the Visual Art.

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