arches of the foot

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deep plantar (arterial) arch

the arterial arch formed by the lateral plantar artery running across the bases of the metatarsal bones and anastomosing with the dorsalis pedis artery via the deep plantar artery;
Synonym(s): arcus plantaris profundus [TA]
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This edition has a new appendix of apps, 70 new photos, 50 new activities, updated activities, and new chapters on increasing arches of the foot, decreasing external rotation of the hips, decreasing internal rotation of the hips, and addressing toe walking.
"Apart from the ankle the platforms also affect the main and forward arches of the foot. The shoes also encourage the whole body to adapt to a new posture and this in turn affects the body's muscles.
"The arches of the foot help to distribute weight evenly across the sole of the foot, and help you to adapt to the surface you're walking on."
Richardson says that this kind of extreme stretching places undue stress on the bony arches of the foot and can lead to injury.