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Ancient; old; in jungian psychology, denoting the ancestral past of mental processes.
[G. archaikos, ancient]
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What Hammond calls "long-tailed words," such as "administration" and "organisation," give way to more archaically resonant English monosyllabic words, such as "mote," "carle," and "sele.
22) Today, queer cultural transmission tends to happen primarily virtually, but Bronson and Hobbs's practice is almost archaically about the experience of "being there.
Stewart's exegesis builds on Benjamin's theories, especially when she asserts that the mimetic faculty is "profoundly and archaically related to physical gesture, sound, and body" (90).
Beneath the doomed arguments, this tangle of metal, with enigmatic film clips flickering in eccentric housings, scratched fresco reliefs, a cube shaped globe, and other curiosities, tracks desires seeking fulfillment, desires as inchoate as the calls of birds, which often appear in the hundreds of archaically stained drawings and watercolors that flutter around this installation in its conception.
The promotion of new books is now almost completely under the control of chain stores, like the now-defunct and archaically named Borders.
Archaically, there are still 92 hereditary peers, in place only because their ancestors proved rather adept at pulling the wool over Joe Soap''s eyes.
The 'commons' has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last fifteen years, from a word referring rather archaically to a grassy square in the centre of New England towns to one variously used by real estate developers, 'free software' programmers, ecological activists and peasant revolutionaries to describe very different, indeed conflicting, purposes and realities.
In that essay he declared his interest on the word's meaning of "Otherworld beyond the five senses," and usually spelled it archaically as Faerie, Faery or Fayery to mark the difference (On Fairy-Stories [OFS] 85)--just like he preferred the spelling Dwarves rather than Dwarfs.
Old ballrooms and whorehouses, archaically beautiful, mixing with the bright flashing lights from the seaside dance clubs.
The kind of man who leaves those cryptic names and archaically short telephone numbers hidden on walls.
I figured it was the perfect place, being located in the archaically spelled Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, which house three different cell phone stores.