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Ancient; old; in jungian psychology, denoting the ancestral past of mental processes.
[G. archaikos, ancient]
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The New Zealand government has said that it is to review archaic laws that give insurers an upper hand when compared to customers.
A century- old one said the toll tax for boats ferrying passengers across the river 1,200 archaic laws removed by Modi govt in 3 years 1,301 old laws weeded out in 65 years by previous govts
Selected from presentations at the June 2011 meeting of an annual conference on archaic and classical Greek song at Yale University, 13 papers grapple with issues of authority and authenticity.
Common use or descriptive purpose keeps some terms from being considered archaic, such as "burning the candle at both the ends.
What century is he living in, and what an archaic attitude in these enlightened bilingual times?
There are certain classes of genes that modern humans inherited from the archaic humans with whom they interbred, which may have helped the modern humans to adapt to the new environments in which they arrived," says senior author David Reich, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute.
Because the early modern period witnessed "rapid changes in literary fashion and taste," it also saw "a new set of modes and styles [become] archaic.
Archaic Style in English Literature takes as its focus poems and plays that deliberately engage with archaism as part of their design, positioning these works as "snapshots" of the archaic style in different contexts.
The suggestion that etched linear lines on ancient statues might construct an archaic alphabet, was argued in a prior study, and is apparently confirmed by the observation that all five Cyprus Bronze Age statues orientate to an identical feature present on each statue -- this being the lower line found on the left leg of each statue, said Cunningham in his paper.
Munro puts forth four theses to explain how writers employed archaic style to respond to and facilitate these developments: "1.
Some light is shed on the questions which features of Present-Day English may be changed in order to create an archaic impression, why exactly these features are chosen for alteration, and in what way these are modified.
Hammer and team studied DNA sequence data from three sub-Saharan African populations: Mandenka, Biaka and San to test models of African archaic admixture.