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All the fixed appliances were bonded using the same type of orthodontic brackets and the same size of arch wires on both the upper and lower jaws.
The acidity changes can alter chemistry environment and biological processes around arch wires leading to the variation of corrosion resistance.
In the present study pain recording was done by patients using VAS pain scale at baseline, immediately after arch wire insertion, at 12th hour, at 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days and 7th day after arch wire insertion.
A combined use of R&T arch wire with mini-screws is an effective method to retract the incisors without the anchorage loss.
Active interaction [12] is the term used for the system where the seating forces on round arch wire are continuous.
Orthodontists, or dentists who specialize in straightening teeth, often use stainless steel for the arch wire. "One disadvantage of stainless-steel wires is that they put more force on the teeth initially, then that force dissipates very quickly," says orthodontist Christopher Carpenter of Denver.
Table 2 shows descriptive statistics of the variable friction between nonangulated brackets and the arch wires. We observed that the metal bracket, Dyna-Lock, with the SS wire showed the lowest mean values.
Initial alignment and leveling was started with 0.014 NiTi arch wire and continued till 0.019x0.025 inch SS wire.
Fracture resistance of ceramic brackets during arch wire torsion.
Another mechanical aid in plaque control is the use of interdental toothbrush to clean below the arch wire and in wide interdental areas which are easier for use than the dental floss which is difficult to be used below and around arch wires.