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With regard to angle of the arc of motion, there was statistically significant differences identified in both contact area and peak contact pressure throughout the arc of motion and also between multiple positions with respect to full extension.
The silicone metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty (SMPA) group also showed significantly better metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint arc of motion, as well as function, aesthetics, and satisfaction scores, than did patients in the cohort who chose nonsurgical management.
Knee flexion was 90-100 degrees; arc of motion was 80-90 degrees.
Initially, investigators attributed the change in arc of motion to soft tissue adaptations, including stretching of the anterior capsular structures, with a corresponding tightening of the posterior capsule (Burkhart et al.
A new suspension system incorporates an Automatic Compensation System (ACS) that permits a full 210 degree arc of motion.
The original pusher arm system relied upon limit switches and cams to control the arc of motion of each arm.
But, developed with the "correct arc of motion," the Home Arc's unique, "un-elliptical" pattern provides biomechanically correct leg movements.
All patients achieved at least 110[degrees] arc of motion of the elbow between 8 and 16 weeks after surgery.
The flexion-extension arc of motion was 99[degrees] [+ or -] 29[degrees] for these patients, as compared to 118[degrees] [+ or -] 22[degrees] for the patients that scored better in the DASH (p = 0.