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A radical in which an aryl group is substituted for a hydrogen atom of an alkyl group.
Synonym(s): arylated alkyl
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The commercial grades of novolac resins such as phenolic novolac (PN, KPE-F2000), bisphenol-A novolac (BN, KBH-F2121), and phenolic aralkyl novolac, so-called Xylok (XK, KPH-F3065) from Kolon Chemical Company, were used as hardeners for CNE.
Russell, "Deuterium-isotope effects in the autoxidation of aralkyl hydrocarbons--mechanism of the interaction of peroxy radicals," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.
The amalgamation of sulfonamide moiety with different aralkyl halides resulted in good anti-bacterial activity compared to standard; Ciprofloxacin.
Key Words: 2,4-Dimethylaniline, Aralkyl halides, Anti-bacterial Potential, 1H-NMR, EIMS.
After which equimolar quantities of aralkyl halides (4a-e; 0.004 mol) were added to the mixture and was again stirred for 3-4 hours.
A series of silanes containing non-reactive aralkyl and reactive chloro-hydrocarbyl groups was evaluated in natural rubber compounds suitable for tread.
A2B2 spins system was observed as di-orthocoupled doublets in all the para-substituted aralkyl groups.