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Based on the proposal which is the result of the innovative research by Iranian nuclear engineers, Arak reactor will have many technical applications in production of radiomedicines and industrial nuclear products," he added.
The primary design of the Arak reactor will take one year.
During the process the Arak heavy water reactor will be reconfigured so it cannot yield fissile plutonium usable in a nuclear bomb.
To entice newcomers, Lebanese Taverna offers cocktails such as the Arak Mule ($10) in which the Lebanese spirit stands in for vodka, and the Arak 75, a riff on the sparkling wine cocktail but with arak, jallab syrup and cardamom bitters.
On Arak, we have said we were ready to design it so that the concerns are lifted.
Adams said that aside from the winged arakkoa, the Spires of Arak zone will also have the cursed arakkoa from the "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.
But possible options that could allow Iran to keep the reactor at Arak while satisfying the West that it would not be used for military purposes include reducing its megawatt capacity and altering the way it will be fuelled, experts say.
Iran's nuclear chief Salehi said on Monday that as a gesture of goodwill, IAEA inspectors would be allowed to visit the heavy water production plant in Arak as well as the Gachin uranium mine in the south.
We have a logical and rational trend in (construction of) Arak research reactor and we are preparing the reactor's affiliated installations and facilities," he said on the sidelines of the annual meeting of Iran's nuclear managers here in Tehran.
But the country has now delayed the planned timetable for bringing Arak on line by about half a year from the third quarter of 2013, according to the latest UN information in a confidential report submitted to member states late on Friday.
1) It seems that using closed-circuit in public parings and central streets of Arak causes to destructive behaviors (theft.
Iran aims to add 70,000 bpd of gasoline-making capacity around 2011-12 at the Arak refinery in the central Iranian province of Markazi, according to analysts and official estimates.