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(a-rak?noyd'e-a) [L. fr. Gr. arachnoeides] Arachnoid membrane.

arachnoidea encephali

The part of the arachnoidea enclosing the brain. Synonym: cranial arachnoid

arachnoidea spinalis

The part of the arachnoidea enclosing the spinal cord. Synonym: spinal arachnoid
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Curtis) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Scytinostroma protrusum (Burt) Nakasone [[double dagger], NR] Scytinostromella arachnoidea (Peck) Hjortstam [[[dagger]]] Stereum complicatum (Fr.) Fr.
bituminosa and Tillandsageminiflora .In the fringes of the bush we found Vriesea arachnoidea, an interesting plant with its long spindly and twisted leaves, which was known from much further south only.
61-100 1909-1958 1959-1978 Protozoa 59 2 Porifera 5 1 Coelenterata 34 (4) 1 Platyhelminthes 222 (13) 75 (4) Aschelminthes 12 0 Acanthocephala 3 6 Nematoda 0 3 (1) Annelida 13 3 Brachiopoda 67 0 Bryozoa 1 0 Echinodermata 33 0 Mollusca 81 (14) 0 Crustacea 233 (3) 59 Tardigrada 0 1 Trilobita 9 0 Myriopoda 25 0 Arachnoidea 169 (7) 39 Insecta 706 (19) 119 (3) Pisces 5 3 Amphibia 2 7 (1) Reptilia 14 4 Mammalia 52 (5) 4 TABLE 3.-New taxa, or new combinations, of plants cited in two cumulative index volumes.
Passive immunization with antibodies derived mainly from horse's (Equus caballus) blood is widely used to treat snake (Viperidae), scorpion (Buthidae), and spiders (Arachnoidea) envenomations [17].
Look out for calceolaria arachnoidea, a velvety purple with hairy silver leaves better grown as an alpine under glass.
For a lesion to be considered an arachnoid cyst, it must meet three criteria: (1) it must be enveloped by an arachnoid membrane, (2) it must contain arachnoidea mater cells, and (3) it must contain CSE (8,9) These requirements, by definition, ensure duplication of the arachnoid membrane, leading to a distinct cyst.
Patients can develop subdural empyema if an abscess occurs in the space between the dura mater and the arachnoidea mater.
On the same page further below we find a "Nachtrag" (addendum) (and, curiously, "Arachnoidea" stricken out!)--a list of Brazilian Arachnida numbered consecutively (!) "3-63.", clearly written by another person about 50 years later (as evidenced by the names of authors Ausserer and W[illiam] S[orensen]).