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1. A carbohydrate gum, composed of d-arabinose and hexoses, found naturally in gum arabic.
2. (arabin-) A prefix referring to arabinose.
Synonym(s): arabic acid
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The relationship between the Gallus Group, the Ruesch family and Dieter Arabin, or rather the Arabin family, began in the early 1990s.
Arabin, "Why the Groningen Protocol Should Be Rejected," Hastings Center Report 36, no.
Arabin" (92), Evans's keen attunement to the politics of the university, then and now, allows her to present us a Wyclif who was more a victim of politics than he needed to have been.
The third play is entitled Arabin or The Adventures of a Settler.
Neden Arabin lisanini kabul etmedigim icin aforoz edileyim?
As William Arabin (1773-1841), Judge of the Sheriff's Court in the 1820s is said to have exclaimed once, while pronouncing sentence: "Prisoner, God has given you good abilities, instead of which you go about the country stealing ducks."
Arabin. Throughout a large portion of the novel, most of her ecclesiastical friends and relatives assume that she will choose Mr.
Arabin), the critics of the Groningen Protocol are men and therefore are disabled by an "epistemology of ignorance," which they define as "not tak[ing] seriously either children with disabilities or the mothers who care for them." Rather than resort to what they openly admit to be an ad hominem attack, Lindemann and Verkerk should examine what we wrote.
Birgit Arabin reported at the 20th European Congress of Perinatal Medicine.
Arsoma, which is based in Langgons/Oberkleen near Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in 1971 by the Arabin brothers, Siegfried and Dieter.
This is probably the reason why his novel Arabin is set in country New South Wales although it was probably set in what later became the State of Victoria.