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1. A carbohydrate gum, composed of d-arabinose and hexoses, found naturally in gum arabic.
2. (arabin-) A prefix referring to arabinose.
Synonym(s): arabic acid
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Arabin of the Clara Angela Foundation, Witten, Germany.
Arabin and her colleagues examined 426 Dutch women who had preeclampsia during their first pregnancy in 1995-2005.
Arabin, also of the department of perinatology at the Isala Clinics, Zwolle, the Netherlands.
This is probably the reason why his novel Arabin is set in country New South Wales although it was probably set in what later became the State of Victoria.
In 1845 he published his best known work the novel Arabin of the Adventures of a Colonist in New South Wales published in London by Simmonds & Ward.
His novel Arabin (1845) is one of the earliest novels about Australia.
In Reef Damascus, the Syrian army units destroyed the bastions of armed rebels in Duma and its suburban farms in Kafr Batna, Zulmaka, Arabin and suburban Harasta.
Chervenak, McCullough, and Arabin, "Why the Groningen Protocol Should Be Rejected," 31.
Chervenak, McCullough, and Arabin, "Why the Groningen Protocol Should Be Rejected," 32; and Jotkowitz and Glick, "The Groningen Protocol.
The army attacked the terrorists' hideouts in Zulmaka, Arabin, al-Atibeh, al-Ghasouleh, Harasta, and Hajar al-Aswad in Reef Damascus this morning and killed, at least, 40 armed rebels in those districts.
40 more terrorists were killed in separate clashes in Beit Sahm, Aqraba, Zamalka, Arabin and Harasta, near Douma.
Our dispatches also said that in Reef Damascus, the Syrian army destroyed the terrorist positions in Aqraba, Arabin, Ain Terma, Deir al-Asafir, al-Maliheh and Duma neighborhood, killed 20 terrorists and destroyed two of their vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns.