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1. A carbohydrate gum, composed of d-arabinose and hexoses, found naturally in gum arabic.
2. (arabin-) A prefix referring to arabinose.
Synonym(s): arabic acid
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The relationship between the Gallus Group, the Ruesch family and Dieter Arabin, or rather the Arabin family, began in the early 1990s.
As William Arabin (1773-1841), Judge of the Sheriff's Court in the 1820s is said to have exclaimed once, while pronouncing sentence: "Prisoner, God has given you good abilities, instead of which you go about the country stealing ducks.
Ewold's becomes vacant, he goes to Oxford to obtain the post for the Reverend Francis Arabin.
Where Callahan worries about our insufficient attention to social situation, Frank Chervenak, Lawrence McCullough, and Birgit Arabin worry that our concepts are not sufficiently clear.
Birgit Arabin reported at the 20th European Congress of Perinatal Medicine.
Arsoma, which is based in Langgons/Oberkleen near Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in 1971 by the Arabin brothers, Siegfried and Dieter.
This is probably the reason why his novel Arabin is set in country New South Wales although it was probably set in what later became the State of Victoria.
The army's artillery units opened fire on several gathering centers of armed rebels in Eastern Ghouta region in Reef (outskirts of) Damascus, specially Jasr Al-Ab, Al-Sheyfouniya, Zolmaka and Arabin districts, and killed over 110 armed rebels, FNA's bureau in Damascus said.
Chervenak, McCullough, and Arabin, "Why the Groningen Protocol Should Be Rejected," 31.
In Reef Damascus, the Syrian army units destroyed the bastions of armed rebels in Duma and its suburban farms in Kafr Batna, Zulmaka, Arabin and suburban Harasta.
The army attacked the terrorists' hideouts in Zulmaka, Arabin, al-Atibeh, al-Ghasouleh, Harasta, and Hajar al-Aswad in Reef Damascus this morning and killed, at least, 40 armed rebels in those districts.