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However, studies of these animals with different time-lapse methods have revealed that sponges are able to perform several types of slow whole-organism behavior, including (1) crawling along a substrate (Burton, 1949; Jones, 1962; Fishelson, 1981; Bond and Harris, 1988; Nickel et al., 2002; Nickel and Brummer, 2004; Sara et al" 2005; Nickel, 2006; Bond, 2013), (2) periodic body contractions (Parker, 1910; McNair, 1923; Jones, 1962; Prosser et aL, 1962; Bond, 2003, 2013; Nickel, 2003, 2004, 2010; Leys and Meech, 2006; Elliott and Leys, 2007; Nickel et al., 2011), and (3) rearrangements of the skeleton and aquiferous system (Bond, 1992; Nakayama et al., 2015).
Embedded within the cerrado region, the "veredas" are wetland ecosystems formed on sandy soils with high concentrations of peat, and are responsible for recharge of aquiferous reservoirs; they are particularly endangered as a result of intensified human activity (Eiten, 1994; Alencar-Silva and Maillard, 2007).
The results aided in identifying the aquiferous horizons and their geometry and assessing the effects of leachate on the groundwater within the axis of Ikot Ekpene dumpsite.
As regards the hydrogeological conditions, no continuous aquiferous is present, due to the high soil variability; only local perching ponds, not connected, can be found.
A case met frequent practice is the collecting front of the phreatic aquiferous from major riverbed of water--course, materialized in the shape of a battery of wells with the specific features identical.
In an engrossing interpretation of Ammanati's Neptune fountain as freshwater "aquiferous" Neptune to promote ducal civic virtue, Veen refutes its Louvre preparatory sketch (fig.
The major aquiferous formation are the deltaic plains and the Benin Formation, both confined and unconfined aquifers are encountered at varying depths and sometimes contain varying saline and clay ground water (Esu, and Adekon, 2001).
The study of the aquiferous formations of Lebanon through the chemistry of their typical springs.
Their entire body is organized for filtering water, which is moved inside an aquiferous system by choanocytes," or pumping cells.