aqueduct of Sylvius

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any canal or passage.
cerebral aqueduct a narrow channel in the midbrain connecting the third and fourth ventricles and containing cerebrospinal fluid.
aqueduct of Fallopius the canal for the facial nerve in the temporal bone.
sylvian aqueduct (aqueduct of Sylvius) (ventricular aqueduct) cerebral aqueduct.
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mesencephalic aqueduct

The conduit in the brain which connects the 3rd and 4th ventricles.
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Franciscus, Dutch physician, 1614-1672.
aqueduct of Sylvius
fossa of Sylvius
sylvian angle
sylvian fissure - Synonym(s): lateral cerebral sulcus
sylvian line
sylvian point
sylvian valve - Synonym(s): valve of inferior vena cava
sylvian ventricle - Synonym(s): cavity of septum pellucidum
vallecula sylvii
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aqueduct of Sylvius 

A canal in the midbrain connecting the third and fourth ventricles. Syn. cerebral aqueduct.
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