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Dip into the palest blue with Plunge Colours Everywhere, pounds 11.98 for 2.5 litres from B&Q, or white with a hint of aqua with Almost Aqua Once, pounds 15.99 for 2.5 litres from Dulux.
The dining room is also classy and classic, decorated in Rennie Mackintosh style, in cream and silver grey, while the kitchen is retro revisited, in aqua, mustard and ivory.
The Brazilian disc is not quite so exciting but gives a solid mixture of new and old, opening with rising star Silvia Torres, and Rosa Passos doing a presumptuous cover of Jobim's classic Aquas De Marco, and ending with veterans Chico Buarque (notable for being as respected for his novels as his recordings), Beth Carvalho and Geraldo Azevedo.
Clothes colours: Soft white, pale or medium blues, aquas and teals, pinks, violets, pearl greys and fresh reds.
As far as colors for spring, forest green is still dominant, says Horne, but other greens - aquas, mosses, mints and shades deepened and tinged with black - are showing up everywhere; and "navy blue is the color to watch," an especially nice complement to the textured finishes that mimic verdigris, pewter, bronze and other deep, elegant materials.
Returning to the true definition of spa, “sanitas per aquas,” Latin for “healing by waters,” treatments and services incorporate the principles of hydrating the body to promote wellness and renewal.
Blues and aquas are popular because of their connection with sea and sky.
So I've used lots of soft, muted colours like lilacs and aquas, mixed with the earthy, terracotta shades,"
Ambiance/Romancing Provence introduced Mediterraneo, which features hand-painted renderings of Mediterranean seaside scenes in bright aquas, blues and greens.