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(ā′prŏn) [Fr. naperon, cloth]
1. An outer garment covering the front of the body for protection of clothing during surgery or certain nursing procedures.
2. Part of the body resembling an apron, e.g., redundant skin and underlying adipose tissue of the lower abdomen.

lead apron

An apron that contains lead or equivalent material and is sufficiently pliable to wear as protection from ionizing radiation. It is used to shield patients and personnel during radiological procedures.


n a piece of clothing worn in front of the body for protection.
apron band,
n a labioincisal or gingival extension of an orthodontic band that aids in retention of the band and in proper positioning of the bracket.
apron, lead,
n an apron made of materials containing metallic lead or lead compounds used to reduce radiation hazards.
apron, lingual,
apron, rubber dam,
n a small strip of rubber dam, perforated to fit over an implant abutment that is used to inhibit introduction of cement into the periimplant space.


1. the long hair under the neck and front of the chest seen in rough collie dogs.
2. large skin folds carried on the ventral neck of some strains of merino sheep.
3. a piece of leather suspended under the belly of a ram in front of the prepuce to prevent mating when the ram is used as a teaser.
4. the concrete slab placed in front of feeders in feedlots to reduce muddiness.
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