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(1) Avandia to Prevent Restenosis and Coronary Artery Disease Progression Trial. A trial assessing the effect of rosiglitazone/Avandia on the progression of atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetics undergoing PCIs
Endpoint Angiography, plaque size, media volume

(2) Antithrombotics in the Prevention of Reoccclusion In Coronary Thrombolysis


Cardiology A clinical trial–Aspirin vs Coumadin in Prevention of Reocclusion & Recurrent Ischemia after Successful Thrombolysis which compared 2 strategies to ↓ risk of recurrent CAD


see prunus.
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Three years ago, the Englishman who lives on land neighbouring mine cut back the branches of my apricot trees almost to the trunk, supposedly 'to improve the view'.
To form fruit, Apache needs pollen from other kinds of apricot trees.
About 150 different kinds of apricot trees are growing in the genebank's orchard.
After receiving Japanese apricot trees called ''Omoinomama,'' whose name means ''as one likes,'' Koizumi said, ''It is the political community where 'as one likes' doesn't work.
Imagine sitting in the shade of mulberry and apricot trees, listening to the song of water running through the little canals that irrigate the fields.
Here's the first section in it's entirety: "apricot trees exist, apricot trees exist.
The bomb enters, as does "I" and love; the apricot of the opening returns, gathering new resonances--"somewhere a wild apricot tree stands still for a moment"--and the poem opens out into a series of tangentially interlocking mediations.
Like the current collection of apricot trees available to the gardener, it will produce its best crops in a sheltered spot against a south-facing wall or fence.
At one level, ethnic identification provides Teleky with an escape from daily frustrations, On difficult days he tells his friends that he yearns "to live in a small, clean hut somewhere in Hungary, surrounded by apricot trees.
In their latest report about their lives at the school, Robin, aged 56, says: ''The apricot trees are now in blossom and despite flurries of snow, the new school year is well under way.
Among the apricot trees we see a fisherman standing with
The HE-rriyet daily reported on Wednesday that the apricot trees in Malatya have also been seriously affected by the frost, and local producers expect a decrease of as much as 80 percent in apricot production this year.