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In this paper we introduce in an abstract setting the Rogosinski- and Blackman-type operators and find the order of approximation via a modulus of continuity (smoothness), which is defined by a general cosine operator functions.
A sampling approach to saddlepoint approximation has been presented in [12], while an improved third-moment saddlepoint approximation appears in [13].
1, in which M1 is the method of single NR combined with eight-piecewise linear approximation in highly non-linear range.
Consequently, in the latter case, the approximation error will predominantly be larger.
Rough Type-2 Fuzzy Approximation Operators Based on the Equivalence Relation
In particular, there is a question of possibility of the solution of this task of the dot data displaying dependence of some output size on two independent arguments by the "cut-glue" approximation method.
p] approximation of positive linear operators considered in Theorem 1.
The result of the approximation of a sawtooth function using 128 harmonics is shown in figure 2.
A crown is added for the fourth level of approximation, with the clamped boundary condition imposed near the center of the crown.
We also study approximation and rate of approximation of the operators which mentioned above in the space of two variables continuous functions.
In this section, a first-order generalized meshfree (GMF) convex approximation is employed to approximate the scalar function [phi] for waveguide analysis.