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(ă-prō′prē-ăt) [L. appropriatus, made one's own]
1. In psychiatry, pert. to behavior that is suitable and congruent.
2. In medical practice, pert. to care that is expected to yield health benefits that considerably exceed risk.


adj 1. the determination that the service provided is suited for the condition.
adj 2. being suitable for a particular person, group, community, condition, occasion, and/or place.
adj 3. proper.
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These funds may be transferred to and merged with the appropriation for Transition Initiatives.
The Senate failed to approve its version of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bill prior to the start of the new fiscal year on October 1, despite the fact that the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans' Affairs approved its version of the FY 2010 VA appropriations bill in July.
Table 5 shows congressional action on the FY2008 defense and military construction appropriations bills.
McKeon said funds were chased for the last three years and finally secured through the 2000 Omnibus Appropriations Act, which also funds several other government agencies.
Foreign Operations Appropriation for the Global Fund 50.
Fitch's rating approach for housing bonds secured by annual appropriations involves: a quantitative analysis of annual appropriation amounts and the corresponding debt service coverage levels, review of the legal structure of the agreement, and a qualitative analysis of management oversight.
The Appropriations Committees of the House and Senate have jurisdiction over appropriations measures.
The shortfalls that were revealed this past summer should have been a wake-up call for the administration and Congress that the veterans health care system needs to have an adequate, reliable funding stream that the current discretionary appropriations process simply does not provide.
of Letting Go" (Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, volume 7), I explored the issue of text appropriation from a spiritual perspective.
In the 1980s, appropriation came to be seen as one particularly effective means to reveal the working mechanisms of various cultural, social, and psychic institutions--and thus considerations of subjectivity and identity necessarily surfaced in such deconstructive terrain.
Stratton and his staff noted that those "investments" had been deferred in this budget request, with the intent that a one-time request for a sizable appropriation to complete a new laboratory was under consideration for the future.
This appropriation -- for flood control, navigation maintenance, and land management -- has repeatedly been targeted for elimination by Rep.

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