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(ă-prō′prē-ăt) [L. appropriatus, made one's own]
1. In psychiatry, pert. to behavior that is suitable and congruent.
2. In medical practice, pert. to care that is expected to yield health benefits that considerably exceed risk.


adj 1. the determination that the service provided is suited for the condition.
adj 2. being suitable for a particular person, group, community, condition, occasion, and/or place.
adj 3. proper.
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There's a billion pounds that we're not utilising appropriately.
Ofcom ruled the broadcaster had responded appropriately in dealing with the issue, but said it should be seen to deal with conflict on the programme quickly in future.
Most of the complaints received by Ofcom related to concerns that aggressive and intimidating behaviour by housemates in the last series was not dealt with appropriately by Channel 4.
Meanwhile the Tasmanian Green party expressed grave concern at the reported closure of the abattoir on and called for an urgent investigation into the retention of an appropriately operated meat processing facility for the iconic King Island Beef brand.
that sort of thing) whose passion for history had been ignited early on by a mysterious grandfather who played ball in the appropriately shadowy past, a grandfather who's been missing for four years now.
The Bureau also is pleased the court appropriately made clear nothing in [the] ruling casts doubt on the constitutionality of 'longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.
Only 43% of respondents appropriately said they would counsel a child who had hives after ingesting milk products to avoid whey, and only 57% would appropriately counsel the child to avoid casein, he said.
Donations are also appreciated for the construction of a display to appropriately preserve your history.
After 6 seconds of pacing, there is an intrinsic P wave and pacemaker is appropriately inhibited from further pacing until the last line, when there is another pause after a PJC (inverted P wave) and again the pacer appropriately fires until inhibited by an intrinsic P wave.
In fact, most states are focused on reconstructing the healthcare provision system to appropriately meet the needs of consumers.
The Financial Services Authority said financial institutions needed to make sure they had appropriately stressed levels of lending to ensure customers could afford the size of loan they were taking on.

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