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(ă-prō′prē-ăt) [L. appropriatus, made one's own]
1. In psychiatry, pert. to behavior that is suitable and congruent.
2. In medical practice, pert. to care that is expected to yield health benefits that considerably exceed risk.


adj 1. the determination that the service provided is suited for the condition.
adj 2. being suitable for a particular person, group, community, condition, occasion, and/or place.
adj 3. proper.
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Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said: "It's absolutely shocking that a fifth of the NHS budget is not being spent appropriately.
Mr Briault said: "The move towards higher income multiples on mortgages prompts us to ask whether lenders have appropriately stressed lending at such levels, and whether these sales will be appropriately controlled to ensure that they meet the affordability and other responsible lending requirements that we impose.
If colleges and universities struggle with ways to show they are being appropriately accountable, it is largely because of the tremendous amount and diversity of information which they must, should--and do--produce to the satisfaction of these various stakeholders.
We are looking forward to opportunities to provide a more comprehensive overview in which many of them will be appropriately recognized.
the plan purchased the asset from an unrelated third party that is not a party-in-interest, but the fiduciary failed to appropriately discharge his or her duties with respect to the purchase; (for example, by failing to conduct a prudent analysis of the purchase); or
Dodson's lively paintings are appropriately comic but are also appropriately able to present various modern art styles as part of the visual story.
I emailed him and he said if I couldn't behave appropriately maybe I should get another job.
Today, English Departments also look for closet subversives, although the word's connotation has been, perhaps appropriately, subverted--from high crime to high praise.
Children who were not properly restrained in a car seat, booster seat or seatbelt during an SUV rollover were at a 25-fold greater risk for injury as compared to appropriately restrained children.
2004) appropriately acknowledged that their study was a hypothesis-generating study and they did not attempt to draw conclusions about causal relationships.
They understand how those involved will likely react, and they weigh this information appropriately in their response.
who have accumulated computer systems and TVs in their households, can feel confident that such electronic devices will be handled appropriately when taken to the now-certified collector Goodwill Industries of Orange County.

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