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(ă-prō′prē-ăt) [L. appropriatus, made one's own]
1. In psychiatry, pert. to behavior that is suitable and congruent.
2. In medical practice, pert. to care that is expected to yield health benefits that considerably exceed risk.


adj 1. the determination that the service provided is suited for the condition.
adj 2. being suitable for a particular person, group, community, condition, occasion, and/or place.
adj 3. proper.
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appropriate administration of ophthalmic solutions, breathing inhalers, and sublinguals.
Section 8109 states that, during FY2001, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense, the Center of Excellence for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance may also pay, or authorize payment for, the expenses of providing or facilitating education and training for appropriate military and civilian personnel of foreign countries in disaster management, peace operations, and humanitarian assistance.
Nor is it appropriate for a world facing unprecedented environmental problems.
In Chickasha, Oklahoma, the local adult education entity provides basic skills assessment to TANF recipients, which may include a learning disability screen, as appropriate.
However, profiling requires establishing a benchmark for appropriate cox-2 inhibitor use.
The SPU's success in making the appropriate contribution to financial success or other goals.
These, with their deep understanding of the essence of life in the North, their analysis of lessons from the traditional dwellings of the Innuit and the Lapps, their understanding of the possibilities of using ambient energy, had (and still have) a real possibility of being the basis of humanly rewarding and ecologically appropriate townships.
Once transplanted into a mouse, the human gamma-globin gene shifted its activity to the stage appropriate for the mouse gene, behaving as an embryonic rather than as a fetal gene.
We support patients being in the most appropriate setting for their illness.
Choosing age-appropriate terms and consistent use of word tense, as well as other issues concerned with order, display, and formatting, are crucial to providing appropriate metadata within indexes (Bakewell & Williams, 2000; Miller, 1973, 1980).
Failure to comply with the documentation requirements expands tax auditors' authority to estimate appropriate income adjustments.
If a country doesn't have an agreement but is eligible to negotiate one, then a similar request should be made to the appropriate combatant command's director for logistics.

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