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1. In psychiatry, a term describing how interpersonal relationships are negotiated, often with the connotation of positive relationship. Compare: avoidance.
2. The path or method used to expose the operative field during an operation.
[M.E., fr. O. Fr., fr L.L. appropio, to come nearer, fr. ad, to + propius, nearer]


/ap·proach/ (ah-prōch´) in surgery, the specific procedures by which an organ or part is exposed.


the steps in a particular surgical procedure from division of the most superficial parts of the anatomy through exposure of the operation site.


1. psychiatry A term used to describe how interpersonal relationships are negotiated.
2. The path or method used to expose the operative field during an operation.
[M.E., fr. O. Fr., fr L.L. appropio, to come nearer, fr. ad, to + propius, nearer]


n in medicine, the method or procedure used to address a situation, such as surgery or other treatment plan.


The path or method used to expose the operative field during an operation.
[M.E., fr. O. Fr., fr L.L. appropio, to come nearer, fr. ad, to + propius, nearer]

Patient discussion about approach

Q. Where would i find videos related to Fibromyalgia and treatment approach and all the surrounding?

A. Hello, you can find some videos here:,, and .

Q. is there like a big break through in the field of autism therapy and approaching?

A. there is a large amount of research on Autism. Social, neurological, psychiatric etc. today because of new imagine equipment there is better understanding of how our brain works (there are much more to be revealed but still). And there are breakthroughs all the time. You can get updated about research on the subject in this site:

Q. Hey my name is Gorge .. i am interested in an alternativ approach/methode to treat Arthritis . i have heard that chinese medicines are the most effectives under the category of Alternative approach and i was wonder if anyone knows about a particular medicine answers to those requests and which is also effective for arthritis treatment ...

A. Hello there. I've had RA for over 12 years. My acupuncturist, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and also an RN and PA, integrates Eastern and Western medicine and I trust her implicitly. We have tried all sorts of different ways to balance my immune system; laser,ozone, UV etc., which have all helped. Contrary to the above report, acupuncture, massage, LOTS of supplements, enzymes and vitamins and a nightshade-free, citrus-free diet have worked remarkably for me and saved me from steroid-pushing rheumatologists. I still ride horseback and do almost everything I used to do before RA, except anything jarring like aerobics or jogging. Most days I don't even take pain meds. It takes time and trying different things to balance your over-active immune system, but it sure beats the alternative. Staying off sugar and dairy helps a lot, too, but I'm too weak to give it up totally. There are very good integrative doctors out there. Keep looking until you find one that will work with you. Goo

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But think about presenting yourselves as more approachable to the little guys.
He had them under control but was very approachable.
Experience shows that by reaching out to communities we can demystify the criminal justice system for the public, making it a more approachable, open and understandable experience for those who have to come into contact with it.
With God's Gift to Women, Baisden presents a straightforward narrative filled with approachable, easy to relate to characters.
may have turned gay exploitative teen-adult sexual affairs into an approachable "issue" for suburban audiences, but Fogi goes one giant leap further, malting Beni fully complicit in his own degradation--even as he's reduced to sleeping naked on the floor, becoming his boyfriend's neglected pet.
High up on the plateau, it was until a few decades ago approachable only by pack animals.
The 3lb claimer, who was riding Approachable, the well-backed 5-2 favourite in the first division of the seller, produced his mount to challenge
Major offender was Darren Williams, who was suspended for 14 days for dropping hands and failing to ride out Approachable in the Bring A Party To A Party At Southwell Selling Stakes.
Three adults who had suffered damage to the entire amygdala rated a series of 100 faces presented in photographs as far more approachable and trustworthy than did 7 people with partial amygdala damage, 10 with damage to other parts of the brain, and 46 with no brain damage.
It makes them approachable and it also enables them to respond more quickly to emergency calls.
In three years, he'll be less approachable, more distant and with his own private jet.
Paradoxically, it's limited in that task by making him as approachable as it can.