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Word or phrase preceding or following a noun that identifies or explains the noun.
[L. appono, appositum, to place next to]
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Allegria Sentimento metafore prepositive 32 16 similitudini 18 6 metafore appositive 0 10 aggettivazione evocativa 37 93 ossimori-antitesi 8 24 sinestesie 8 9
Today the world is a global village and with advancements in technology, borders have softened and accessibility increased manifold, she said and pointed out that for a nation to gain positive international recognition, it is imperative that the perception created and relayed by its various ambassadors, be appositive one.
While the use of the given name alone makes Lily familiar to the reader in the way a maid may be said to be familiar to her employers, the use of the somewhat unexpected appositive definite description--"the caretaker's daughter"--calls attention to her lower class status.
So, while the poet desires "to stand" (read: exist) "until death," the appositive modifier, "forever," seems less an adverb that refers to Berryman's standing than an eerie adjective hearkening to his ultimate silence in death.
4 Splice Subordinate Subjects or Appositive clause Verbs -1.
definite articles from distal demonstratives, plural markers from collective markers) seems to adhere to iconic patterning, erstwhile appositional elements that became fully integrated NP-internal modifiers may appear in positions that reflect their original status as an appositive, resulting in non-iconic patterns.
c) A coordinate or appositive sequence of two or more nominals, alone or followed by a one-word modifier: some twenty instances.
a plum tree in flower," as an appositive to the first, a
In Alabama, wartime divisions within the state had been resurrected in acrimonious fictions, with one side taken up by Jeremiah Clemens in Tobias Wilson: A Tale of the Great Rebellion, about anti-Confederate activity in the Northern counties, and the other by Thomas Cooper DeLeon and Irwin Ledyard in John Holden, Unionist, with the loathsome appositive of the title presumed to speak for itself.
With this reductive appositive dismissal of subjectivity, Pater suddenly attempts to separate the capricious and "uncharacteristic" elements of the personal style from the reasoned, "absolutely sincere," and "real" elements, which will later be (Pater says) "recognisable by the sensitive" (36).
Some of its length, however, derives from the author's annoying tendency toward repetition--in the use of repeated words in appositive phrases and in frequent summary restatements.
Despite the expectations raised by the scintillating |Beowulf' and the Appositive Style, Robinson's article on Beowulf is disappointing: the poem is said to be narrated with |a local English outlook', despite the fact that it never mentions English people, places or events; Grendel's Mother is called a troll who drags the hero |into her cave behind a waterfall' (though this is Beowulf, not Grettir).