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Word or phrase preceding or following a noun that identifies or explains the noun.
[L. appono, appositum, to place next to]
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In the relatively exceptional cases where the subject of the participle was a masculine accusative NP, speakers had two options: either to leave the participle with no distinctive inflection, as happened in the vast majority of other contexts, or to inflect it, feeling the construction to be different to the appositive one and marking it accordingly.
Appositive relative clauses are often claimed to be more or less syntactically independent of the head noun.
This defined meaning becomes much more relative as a result of the parenthetical insertion, which functions as an appositive. Appositives embody the traditional notion of the parenthetical insertion as an extraneous and easily removable addition to an already coherent expression, as by grammatical rule such expressions can be removed without making the remaining sentence a fragment.
At the end of this poem, we find a more conventional use of the colon, to introduce an appositive, in this case a list of those things that, as Deborah says, "I require":
Harvey identifies each mention of God in the Leningrad Codes that is followed by the appositive Elohim, and compares it to the counterpart in the Septuagint.
The appositive [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "works of wondrous embroideries, figures of living divine beings" in Song IX (4Q405 G 21 [= frg.
The confusion is understandable, since Conrad played something like a literary shell game with his readers, alluding to the Congo as "big" or "great," but using a nondescript term to identify the Kasai ("that river")--one that could easily be mistaken as an appositive referring to the big river rather than (as was the case) some other body of water ("Heart" 51).
MUSCAT Eoe1/4" The Sultanate of Oman started off on appositive not at ITF under13 West Asian championships taking place in Amman, Jordan.
In van Hove Bergman finds a perfect appositive. Turning away from the strong valences invoked by red van Hovc's Agnes slathers thick impastos of Yves Klein blue (or 1KB as it is known in art circles) on the glass partitions and white canvases that effortlessly slide in and out of Versweyvald's layered open-space set--a sleek coalescence of video workshop kitchen living room and austere bedroom.