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Some describe this as "continuing revelation" -- which means not new doctrine, but new applicational insights for adjusting to conditions or circumstances unforeseen in New Testament times.
That is, the phonological forms (given in / / on the top line) are in certain respects similar to pre-Tiberian phonetic forms, and the applicational order of rules (abbreviated in the left margin) arguably reflects the chronological succession of historical changes which over the centuries transformed the pre-Tiberian forms to the Tiberian phonetic shapes given (in | ~) on the bottom line.
The software segment is gaining precedence considerably in the global market owing to its applicational ease, and it commanded the largest market share in 2016.
This research is applicational considering its purpose and descriptive considering its type of data collection.
On the whole, the twelve essays in the book (which cover biblical, historical, theological, and contextual/ applicational themes) succeed in compellingly addressing the primary audience, but have little to offer the secondary audience.
In the case of panty liners or shields, the requirement is to provide primarily non-menstrual protection aimed at a more general personal hygiene applicational mode.
An applicational method for decrease of CM and DM current in inverters connected to sources of distributed generation.

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