appetite suppressant

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Appetite suppressant

Drug that decreases feelings of hunger. Most work by increasing levels of serotonin or catecholamine, chemicals in the brain that control appetite.
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appetite suppressant,

n an agent that diminishes the desire for eating.
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Through a combination of physician prescribed meal replacements, appetite suppressants, exercise, and support, Smith was able to make changes he could not have done on his own.
Many of the ingredients contained within the various fat burning and appetite suppressant products on the market today are purported to have therapeutic benefits, but in reality much of the ingredients are useless and inactive due to human body absorption issues, which prevent significant concentrations from reaching the brain.
But the question is, do these products contain the important P57 substance, a group of steroidal glycosides, which has been clinically studied as the active appetite suppressant in hoodia?
The slick marketing of cigarettes through advertising and movies as an essential part of sex, as a source of social self-confidence, as a statement of machismo and, later, in a cynical move to tap the power of the purse, as symbols of feminine poise, equality (ciggies were styled 'torches of freedom') and an appetite suppressant.
It was first synthesised in 1914 by doctors working for the German pharmaceutical firm E Merck and was tested as an appetite suppressant.
Fully 60 percent of his patients keep off their lost weight through a program that includes dieting, appetite suppressant drugs, exercise and behavior modification, Maxwell said.
The CSAB agreement, as well as the impending launch of the Company's new appetite suppressant diet product, has dramatically changed the Company's current financial and future growth prospects.
All-natural Energy Boost + Appetite Suppressant Supplement is Most Popular Member of hCG Zero(TM) Family that Contains Zero Hormones, Starches, Sugars or Fillers to Interfere with hCG or Any Other Diet Programs; Now Available at 19,000 Retail Outlets Nationwide
It has been proven to be an appetite suppressant when administered intravenously to pathologically obese people.
Once the system has been cleansed with the noni fruit juice blend beverage, the program's supplements such as Calcium Plus, Hoa[R], Appetite Suppressant tablets and Women's Essentials help reduce cravings, while supporting healthy bones and muscles.
A dozen drops of stevia concentrate, taken 20 minutes before meals, may also serve as an appetite suppressant.
Critics have slammed the company's weight loss products for containing appetite suppressant drug Ephedrine, which is banned in the US.