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Relating to, involved in, or capable of apperception.


Relating to, involved in, or capable of apperception.


(ap″ĕr-sep′shŏn) [Fr. fr. L. apperceptio]
The perception and interpretation of sensory stimuli; awareness of the meaning and significance of a particular sensory stimulus as modified by one's own experiences, knowledge, thoughts, and emotions.
apperceptive (a″pĕr-sep′tiv), adjectiveapperceptively (a″pĕr-sep′tiv-lē)
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The tendency to apprehend sensuous feelings as adumbrating bodily states is nevertheless merely one example of a much more deeply sedimented apperceptive tendency: namely, a "habitual thematic direction toward objects of external apperception," a global apperceptive style that "determines the course of the further formation of apperceptions" in terms of the "objective thematic," so that even subjective functioning itself is objectively apperceived, by way of the psychophysical apperception, as a component part of the world (34/64f.
The main goal is to acquire apperceptive knowledge.
these films correspond to profound changes in our apperceptive apparatus--changes that are experienced on an individual scale by the
This means that content-specific psychology is basically the explication of the partly unconscious apperceptive mechanisms, which create the logical structure and contents of human mental representations.
At this moment of apperceptive tension, in an ironic and powerful fusion of the poetic and the religious, silence enters to mark the poet's fallenness, her distance from God's harmonious works.
But this intrinsically antecedent normality is based on a false premise, that the phenomenological pairing Husserl talks about between my concrete ego and the other concrete ego necessarily produces understanding, by which of course I mean real understanding, typified reality, and not simply the `harmonious confirmation of the apperceptive constitution.
Explorations using computer simulations to comprehend thematic apperceptive measurement of motivation", Motivation and Emotion, Vol.
The positive point is that Kant's insights about the nature of apperceptive consciousness could contribute a great deal to contemporary debate about the nature of consciousness.
regarded as an apperceptive construct under which something can be subsumed and from which deduction can be made" (92, 93), the "as if" collocation, Vaihinger argues, implies yet something more.
It is hardly surprising that a theory which identifies beauty as an apperceptive phenomenon, reducible to atoms of emotion, should also be strictly anthropocentric.
With that apperceptive base, I turn to a most exhilarating game plan, one which integrated the two distorting practices permitted by our profession's Good Book of GAAP--a combination that provides a distortion potential multiplied exponentially.
Apperceptive Mode (Location) Location Frequency Interpretation W 5 Responses interpreting the plate as a whole were 23%.